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As our standard range of services and products we offer:
• CCTV Camera Solutions (Cameras, Housings and DVR’s)
• IP Surveillance Video Solutions (Cameras, Housings and NVR’s)
• Analogue and Data (IP) Infrastructure (Cabled and Wireless)
• Calculate, Supply and Install Structural Requirements (Conduit, Trunking, Brackets, Poles, Trenching, IP65 Boxes, Network Cabinets and etcetera)
• Thermal Imaging Solutions
• Access Control Management Systems (Impro and Paxton)
• Biometric and Proximity Identification Solutions
• Physical Access Control (Maglock, gate-motor, boom-gate, turnstile)
• ID-Card Printers
• PC’s and Servers

We offer maintenance services either on a call-out basis or a scheduled service level agreement (SLA). Our SLA is based on an hourly rate which is sold in monthly block hours. Our technicians will be scheduled to visit your site and perform preventative maintenance as well as any faults that may need attention.
For SLA clients there is an additional advantage of a standard 7% discount from the recommended retail price. For clients that buys more than 10 monthly hours there is an additional 5% discount from RRP.
Where more hours is needed in a month, would bill the client additionally at the SLA rate. SLA hours can be used to attend to regular faults and or new installs if needed.