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Turn Around Specialists

We specialise in CCTV solutions, physical and electronic access control, data networking, fiber and wireless roll-outs, data management, biometric identification, fencing and etcetera.

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About Us

8020.co.za is a specialist video surveillance solutions provider. We supply products imported by industry leading suppliers with reputable track records, giving our customers the greatest possible after sales support. 8020.co.za is the choice supplier of well-structured CCTV and IP Surveillance solutions, but also a valuable partner to other suppliers, handling some of the more advanced installations and in some instances the entire outsourced technical spectrum.

We understand we form part of the security industry and aligned ourselves with likeminded companies to offer solutions not possible in isolation. We also realise and promote video surveillance as an effective method of managing processes and workforce. Other than the obvious security advantages video surveillance offers perhaps the most underutilised aspect of this industry is the massive potential it offers as a management tool.

Through our website we offer DIY Home/SOHO Kits at competitive pricing. Our DIY kits are compiled using the same products we install in commercial applications. We do not import cheaper brands but offer quality products at fair pricing.


With surveillance technology increasingly tilting to IP surveillance 8020.co.za offers data networking as either part of an IP surveillance solution or as a product on its own. We do Cat5, Cat6, STP and UTP, Fibre Optic, wireless networking, and etcetera.

Starting our company during a time where companies found themselves increasingly cash strapped, 8020.co.za focussed on contracts no one else deemed salvageable. We stepped on to sites in dire need of attention and direction. 8020.co.za developed a system that enabled us to act as surveillance technology turnaround specialists. Through this we managed to build up a valuable and growing pool of returning customers, either on a cash agreement or an SLA.

To our customers and partners, a word of thanks for the support and advice.

Our Products

We specialise in:

  • I. driven perimeter and general CCTV solutions, combining Thermal, Optical and Radar technologies to detect and identify intrusion threats, and breach of general security protocols.
  • We use an array of Video Management Solutions, catering for camera agnostic deployment, offering ease of use and integration into related security layers.
  • Physical access control solutions such as turnstiles, boom gates, gate motors, magnetic locks, GSM Relays and etcetera.
  • Biometric and Proximity identification integrated into on and off-site databases, allowing control to upload, suspend and draw reports per individual, group, location or time of access or egress transactions.



  • Visitor Management Systems capturing critical information of all visitors, allowing authorised individuals the ability to grant or deny access to your property, supported by realtime access to detailed reporting on transactions.
  • Back-Up solutions of the various databases to reduce dataloss in case of hardware failure.
  • IT support to host the various solutions, including server maintenance, Firewall protection and UPS supply.
  • Complete Infrastructure design, implementation, and support on available technologies such as Cat5/6, RF (wireless), Fibre Optics, Network switches and increasingly solar solutions to drive the power needs.
  • Electrical Fencing, including network access to remotely monitor and manage the deployment from a central location.




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